Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sad, Sad, Sad...

So if you follow my blog, you already know that the hubs and I are moving to Texas. Although there seems to be delay after delay, the house is coming along nicely! While moving to a new state may be one of the most exciting things I've prepared for, I can't help being a little bummed right now. And here's why... I seriously miss going back to school!! I miss shopping and decorating my classroom. I miss hitting up back-to-school sale after back-to-school sale and stalking the Target dollar bins. I miss planning the get to know you games and the tell me all about your summer stories. I miss the silly dreams and anticipation that always seemed to keep me up the last night of summer. And most of all, I SERIOUSLY MISS THE KIDS!! I am beyond blessed to have taught the past 7 years at a very small private school. The principal is welcoming me with open arms on the first day and I cannot wait for that visit!

Since I have no classroom to prep and no plans to write, I've got an abundance of time on my hands. And when I'm not creating goodies for my TpT store, I'm crafting up a storm! Our new house is going to be almost 1,000 square feet larger than our current one! That's a lot of empty corners and wall space to fill. Well have no fear, Pinterest to the rescue! And since I'm so nice, I'm going to be blogging and posting anything you may be able to use in the classroom. For starters...

Isn't this the most adorable Halloween banner you've ever seen?! ;) It was super simple to create! Simple enough for anyone to create, really. So, click here to print the pennants. Then cut, attach ribbon, hang, and enjoy! Well, maybe wait until it's October to hang, but you know what I mean! ;) Oh, and you may even think about laminating it for use over many, many years!

And for anyone interested, here's the progress on my little piece of heaven...

(I can't wait until they move the gigantic storage container!) Only a few more weeks to go!!

Best wishes,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy...

I am so happy TpT's annual Back to School sale is just around the corner! Can I get a whoooo hooo?!

For those of you who follow my store, you're already aware of the many new products I have put out this summer! If you're not a follower, what are you waiting for?! Go and check out some of my latest creations....

a chalkboard theme classroom pack (just add accents in your favorite color) which includes several editable pages

 a nautical theme classroom pack

adorable door decorations for any bee theme classroom

 some editable labels (in many themes)


parts of speech posters for primary or upper elementary

 and (this is what I have been working especially hard on) a common core collection for second grade ELA

And coming soon (by Sunday, of course)

Now I know you're excited to get purchasing, printing and laminating but WAIT! The sale doesn't begin until Sunday! So add everything your heart desires to your wishlist for now, jot down coupon code BTS13, and set your alarm... only 2 more days to go! Happy shopping!

Best wishes,