Thursday, November 8, 2012

Veterans Day...

This week has been ca-rah-a-zee!! Let me give you all a quickie recap... Regular day Monday, field trip (including 90% of my students' parents!!!!) Tuesday, half day Wednesday with P/T conferences, quarterly awards assembly WITH first grade performance PLUS half day AND more P/T conferences today! I'm so tired I can't even bother to correct the numerous flaws in that sentence!! PTL we have an in-service day tomorrow. 

The positive side of this short week was that I was able to really get into Veterans Day this year. I usually address it in a day or two because that's all I have time for. This year we spent a little time each day to really discuss who veterans are and why they should be celebrated. Both my grandfathers and my hubbs were in the service which makes me love and appreciate veterans even more!

On Monday we began by watching a short video on Veterans Day. The Veterans Day part begins around the 4th minute, if you're interested. Afterwards, we discussed who veterans are and if we know any. The kids are always so shocked to find out that my husband is one... and still alive!! I find that many students assume those who have served are dead!! They can't believe that someone can be in the Army/Navy/whatever and still be alive. Anyone else experience the same thing?? Anyways... next we took a quick poll and graphed our data.

Yes, I only have 10 students. Pick your mouth up off the floor and keep reading... (hehe)

Our field trip took up most of Tuesday, but I did set aside some time to read the short books I got from the library. I was able to find very kid friendly books about 3 of the 5 branches of the Armed Forces. And  let me tell you, the boys in my class have NEVER been sooooo engaged during a read aloud! 

On Wednesday we recalled some of the details from the books and completed our Veterans tree map.

As you can see, today we worked on our Veterans Day and Me mini-books. I was pleasantly surprised at how adorable they turned out!! On each page, I had the students write about how brave, caring, and responsible veterans are. Then they had to describe how they are also brave, caring, and responsible. It was fun to watch my students realize how similar different people can be! Does that make sense??

I mean seriously... how adorable are these responses?!

Then I put it all together on our bulletin board. Next Tuesday we'll spend a few minutes taking about how we celebrated Veterans Day and label our soldier.

Oh, we also journaled (yup, it's a verb) about which branch of the Armed Forces we would join. The kids had to choose one and tell why they decided that. Their drawings were seriously cute! I'll try and remember to snap a picture when I go back to class.

If you like these Veterans Day activities and are waiting until next week to work on it in class, let me know. The first 11 people to leave a comment with their email will get it for FREE!!

As if that wasn't enough, I also somehow found the time this week to change the small bulletin board outside our room. I'm sure you've seen it before, but it's one of my faves...

Have a happy Friday!

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  1. I am celebrating next week with my kids! We are going to write letters to soldiers and send them off to my friend's brother who is serving in Afghanistan.

    I would love to use this in my classroom! My email is

  2. I would love a copy to use:) Your activities look great!! I did 11 students last year and it was great. This year I have 25 big difference:)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. I would love a copy!

  4. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a copy for next week! This looks so fun and my kids are sure to enjoy it! Thank you so much!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  5. What wonderful ideas!! I would love a copy!

    Heather (

  6. Hi! Your ideas look great and since I didn't get a chance to do anything with Veteran's Day last week, I hope I get the chance to use your unit! My brother and father were also in the Armed Forces. It does make you appreciate it even more when someone you love(d) sacrificed for our country. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Catherine (

    1. Hi Catherine,

      I tried sending this to you last night, but the email came back because of "technical difficulties." Can I get a different email so I can send this over?


  7. Veteran's Day was over before I knew it! I would love to squeeze this in before I start my Thanksgiving things.

  8. Hi Rebecca!
    I just wanted to stop by again and say THANK YOU for the amazing Veteran's Day unit! LOVE it! Please stop by and take a peek at my latest post on Veteran's Day...I may have mentioned your unit once or twice!!! Thanks Rebecca!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  9. Very cute idea. Can I get a copy of this awesome idea?

  10. Absolutely!! What's your email? Please send it to me at Rebecca@whiffer. I'm in the process of changing my blog and won't be using the email connected to it very much (hence, the 4 day delayed response)!