Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There Was An Old Lady Who...

Don't your students just love these stories?! Mine get so excited every time they find an Old Lady book in our library. Feels like no matter how many things that woman swallows, it'll never get old for them! Well, I recently purchased There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books from our school book fair. I read it to the kids and they were (not surprisingly) just as entertained as ever. That's when it hit me... Why not have the students write their own Old Lady story?! I became even more convinced that this would be the perfect assignment once I realized how much non fiction writing we have been doing (thanks Common Core). I can't wait to get started on this tomorrow and see their imaginations run wild!


If you're interested, you can pick up a copy for yourself at my TpT store. Or you could be one of the first five to leave a comment. Be sure to let me know about your favorite Old Lady activity and you'll get one for free! Don't forget your email address!!

Looking forward to letting you all know how it turned out!

Best wishes,


  1. My class loves to read the variations of this book!

    1. What kinds of activities do you do before/during/after reading? I would love to add to my arsenal of goodies!

      Look for your copy of my There Was An Old Lady writing pack in your email tonight!

  2. My student's love The Old Books. If I can't find one of mine we do a desk clean out...because they want to hide it from the other kids! I made several dice games to go with the books. I don't know that I have a favorite. :-)


    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I would love to hear more about the dice games you play. I have large foam dice that my students love to use. Most of time it's just for math though.

      I'll send your copy of my There Was An Old Lady writing pack as soon as I get home tonight.

  3. I was able to buy all of my students a copy of this same book! They absolutely loved it as well!


  4. Oh my word...I love The Old Lady series! I have all of them. You can say I have a book obsession! My kiddos love them too!

  5. Very cute! I am having a “Tour My Blog” linky party...stop by and link up! It is a great way for bloggers and their viewers to learn about your blog! I would love for you to join me!

    Bits of First Grade

  6. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Head over to my blog for info on how to accept the award. I can't wait to follow you throughout the school year and get to know you better!


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