Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please and thank you...

As you all know, I live in California (only for 10 more day... whooo hoooo). One MAJOR difference I noticed here vs. other parts of the country is this... We. Lack. Manners. Period. It's true! On any given day I can go about my business in the world and not here one "please" or "thank you." People are so consumed in what they're doing that they don't notice others. There's no holding the door open for the person behind you or, heaven forbid, letting someone go in front of you. It's sad.

Well, my mama raised me better than that! And I try to teach my students what I have been taught. At my school, in previous years we had a character education program that was taught by parent volunteers (allowing us teachers to get out and attend school wide staff meetings). As you can imagine, the kids got very excited when their parents came in. Most of the time was spent on classroom management and that didn't go over to well. Then the librarian tried to take over (bless her heart), but there's only one of her and tons of them. That, also, was an epic fail. The kids would come back to class afterwards with cute coloring pages, but wouldn't be able to tell me what they learned.

I decided that I needed something I could do myself, in the classroom, but wouldn't take a ton of time (because who has that). Behold... the Manner Planner!

It's a pack dedicated to teaching our little angels how to be little angels! I took 20 character traits and made them into kid-friendly posters. I added some cute little headers and buckets for bulletin boards. There's even a journal to collect their learning. See.....

Aren't those just the most darling graphics? I'm seriously in love with everything Nikki creates! Anywhooser, if you teach character education in your class, head on over to TpT or TN and pick this up. I'm positive you and your kiddos will love it! But wait, if you're one of the first 5 to comment, you'll get a copy for free! :) Just leave your email and a little mention of what you do to teach character education. Now go and enjoy your Hump Day!

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  1. I would love a copy! I teach character education through read-alouds of various children's stories like The Recess Queen or Juice Box Bully!


  2. This is really a great resource for teaching character education. I do this through read aloud time focusing on specific traits, values and morals. For example, I used the story The Ugly Ducking to teach that each person is special and unique.

    I would certainly love a copy!!!

    Thanks and take care

  3. I use a lot of read alouds, and I tie character education into our identifying emotions curriculum.

    I would love to use your pack as well!

    - Katy


    First Grade Kate

  4. I would love to have a copy!

  5. I forgot to add a comment about character education. We use books to teach this with our students.

  6. I see these graphics being used everywhere online - does anyone know the name of the program?

  7. I see these graphics being used everywhere online - does anyone know the name of the program?