Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another one?? You're all so sweet...

I've been taking a small break from blogging this past week to focus on, well, everything else. Seems like life takes a bit of a backseat when I'm sucked in to Blog Land! My poor house is cluttered with craft supplies, cat fur, and laundry (don't worry, it's clean and folded, just not put away). During that time, many of you have kept busy leaving comments, shopping at my TpT store and passing on awards. I'm so thrilled to be nominated for The Lovely Blog award.

Thanks so much to the following lovely ladies for recognizing my lovely blog :)

Cyndi at Lacy's Letters

And thanks to Dreamlike Magic Designs for making it so stinkin' cute!!

Now I'm going to take Cathy's advice and nominate 5 others (15 is a little daunting) for this award. I tried my best to really search out some diamonds among the numerous new teacher blogs. So, without further ado...


I want to sincerely thank everyone for your support during this exciting new adventure. I know we can all learn from one another and really impact our students!

Before I go, I would like to say one last thank you to everyone who has visited my TpT store. I've been receiving such positive feedback. It really keeps me going!! Creating materials for the classroom has quickly become a new passion and reenergized me like you wouldn't believe!! 

Next week, if I can manage to tear myself away from the Olympics, I plan of hitting my curriculum hard and getting the kinks out of my pacing guide. Why is it that as hard as I plan, I never seem to get through all of my units?! Am the only one?! What do you do to help keep you on track?

Best wishes,


  1. Boringly easy to keep on track in my little neck-of-the-world at the moment. New Nation Curriculum has been broken down into Units, weeks, subjects, then individual lessons. So for English this week I am teaching Unit 5, Week 4 Lesson 1 on Monday for 60 minutes (20 minutes each of spelling, reading and content)...
    ✿ Judy
    teaching with J